earrings-a-day march 12 & 6

Sparkle and Doom agate and key earrings

Sparkle and Doom Agate and key earrings

I really like these agate hearts (or jasper I suppose – I can’t remember what stone they are!).  The soft limey green and speckles of brown.  I paired them some tiny goldtone keys, making them quite romantic.  A few links of chain finish of the look.  I used all goldtone findings: headpins, shepherd hooks, jumprings.

Sparkle and Doom labrodorite and star

I think I’ve mentioned a time or three that labradorite is one of my favorite stones. 😉

I paired them with some silver metal stars I had hanging around.  This pair reminds me of a moon and stars set.

I used a single link of bar chain for each earring.  Never throw away your broken chain! You can always use even a single link to make a really nice piece of jewelry.

Wire, jumprings, and shephooks are the findings used.

Sparkle and Doom Moon and stars earrings Labradorite

Well I’ve finally caught up to myself, and will start posting just one pair a day!  I’ll be pretty much done the stones I set aside this time next week.  I’m considering which bead bin to jump into next. Pearls? Wood? Shells? A particular colour? Mixed bins?  Perhaps I’ll make a poll of it and leave it up to you guys. 🙂

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