earrings-a-day march 9 & 3

ruby framed with chain earrings

ruby framed with chain earrings

I went for a more industrial look with this pair of earrings.  I suppose they could be gothic as well.  The rubies have an intense red colour.  They’re translucent, so they glow a bit in the light.  They are also faceted for a bit of sparkle and interest.

I figured out long of a piece of chain I needed to go around the bead, and cut two of those lengths.  I then opened a link and attached the other end to make a loop.  Using an eyepin I strung on the chain, ruby, and then holding the chain tightly around the bead I put the eyepin through the loop opposite the hole.  It was a little tricky, but with patience I got it done.  I then cut the eyepin so that about 3/8″ was left and bent that into a small loop so that the chain couldn’t slide off.  I joined the beaded element and the shepherd hook with a jump ring, and voila.

Sparkle&DoomDesigns ruby and chain earrings

the stone almost glows!

the stone almost glows!

I really love this pair of earrings. Mostly because the stone glows in the light.  Not literally glows of course, but just looks so beautiful in the light.

Apatite is such a beautiful gemstone, the blues are amazing.  I have a couple of uncut stones where you can see that the blue is so vibrant.

To make these I made a small loop and squeezed it shut and up to make a stopper, strung the apatite, and then leaving about 3/8″ of bare wire made a wrap loop.  However I extended the wraps down the bare wire and over the bead, being careful to keep my wraps tight and even.  I choose a matte pewter coloured ear wires to compliment the matte wire.

showing off my wrapping skillz - yo. ;P

showing off my wrapping skillz – yo. ;P

I love the glow that apatite has

I love the glow that apatite has

We went to Seedy Saturday and got our garden seeds and visited with friends.  It was very nice to see old faces.

We also did a bit of thrifting, and I got some pretty cool items that I’ll have to share in a future post.  Pyrex, vintage dresses, yarn, fabric, and beads. 🙂

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