earrings-a-day march 8 & 2

aquamarine and labradorite earrings

aquamarine and labradorite earrings

Today I made a quick pair of earrings cuz I wanted to get to my Octagon & Squares afghan (I’m doing the edging then attaching today).

I used some beautiful labradorite beads and some really pretty faceted aquamarine beads.  I just love labradorite.  Besides malachite, I think it’s my favorite stone.  The flash was hard to capture in the photo’s, but labradorite has rainbows in it.  If you’re ever in a rock shop, you should pick one up just so you have a rainbow with you all the time.  I used matte grey findings: headpin, eyepin, shepherd hooks.  I could have put both of the beads on a headpin, but I wanted a joint to give them some movement.

a wee bit of flash showing, and the facets of the aquamarines

a wee bit of flash showing, and the facets of the aquamarines

trifecta of colour

trifecta of colour

For this pair of earrings I went for primary colours.  I think they give a very urban vibe combined with a primative tone – if that makes any sense.

Red coral beads, blue turquoise – both gifts from my mother-in-law – , and a bright yellow jade (eBay); paired with gold tone findings keeps the colours warm.  I don’t wear gold often, but I do like this set.  I considered finding another bead to hang in the middle part (the window), but I think that would have looked to fussy.

I can see me wearing these with a flowy skirt and an embroidered top. 🙂


I couldn’t resist snapping a shot of Doom for you!


Tomorrow we’re heading out to Seedy Saturday, and I hope to get some thrift shopping in.  MCC and Value Village here I come.  I’ll be looking for the jars of mixed beads/jewelry, yarn, fabric remnants, trims and ribbons, a yoga dvd, owls, craft kits, and interesting Pyrex.  Wish me good hunting!

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