head boops

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I’m suffering* through some serious head booping while crocheting tonight.  I’m working on my Octagons & Squares Throw CAL through The Crochet Crowd tonight.  It’s slow going with Chai Son demanding his fair share of mama time. 🙂

Details on the afghan are: pattern at the link above, yarn is all Red Heart. Main colour if Collage: Tundra, and the accent colours are Soft Touch:9440 and 9520.  All available on Red Hearts website.  I got my yarn at the close out sale at Zellers (darn you Target!)  My husband picked out the colours, he wanted a winter camoflauge colour scheme.  It’s going to be so pretty. Bonus! If done before March 15th I’ll be entered to win yarn!! And everyone knows I need more yarn. yup.

*not really

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7 Responses to head boops

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  2. Please explain how you connected the octagons and squares to make the raised bars….TY


  3. Thanks!! You also appeared to use 3 colors vs 4 as the pattern calls for….Would you say that you still followed the pattern, but used more of one color per shape, ? Sounds confusing…LOL


  4. YOU are so kind to answer all of my ?’s….I will be following your page….Have a great spring!!


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