whew! I’m back

sorry about that overly long blog break.  Christmas completely wiped me out.  I’ve been taking some Me Time during this start of 2013, and it’s been pretty nice.  I’ve been sewing for me. Crocheting for me. Knitting for me.  Also taking photo’s for me.

But now back to this blog, and sharing my crafting and farm adventures.  2013 is going to have a few of both I suspect.

Firstly, I’ve started quilting.  Last year, after getting my machine I gave it a shot and it ended up in tears of frustration and defeat.  the plaids, used shirts, and pj pants

This time around I’ve been doing better.  What I’ve found is that all those beautiful and helpful quilting blogs don’t tell you that you’ll cry.  You’ll swear.  You’ll shake your fist into the air.  You’ll want to throw your machine.  You’ll take a break and watch TV, vacuum, and crochet.  I’ll tell you the ugly truth.  Quilting is easy.  But when things go awry you will probably get overly frustrated and feel like a three year old stamping your feet at not having your favorite toy.  At least I did. I do.

BUT! Look at what I made!

Wonky Log Cabin squares

artsy shot IAren’t they awesome?!?  I’m pretty proud of myself, I have to say.  Sure there are wrinkly seams, and I’ve used the seam ripper twice now, but I have 7 squares done! Only 49 or so to go. 🙂  My plan is to edge them with pine tree fabric.  I’ll have to do some searching, but I’m certain it’s out there somewhere.  The end size should fit comfortably on a kingsize bed, so 12″ squares, and 7 across and 8 up equals 56 squares.  I’m using donated and thrifted clothing for my fabric.  I’m not overly worried about fiber content, as I know it’s all been washed multiple times before.  I haven’t run into any problems yet.  I AM staying away from anything ‘stretchy’ though.

Another ME project is a crocheted owl toque.  I’m 3 rows in to the down part.  I’m using this very plushy thrifted yarn.  It was in a HUGE ball, mainly cuz it’s so squooshy.  I think it’s going to be great!  I’ve been using this free pattern, and I’ll be submitting a photo to their contest if I’m done in time.

Bead Soup ingrediantsAnother ME project I just started today is a multistrand beaded necklace.  I haven’t done ANY beading in about a month.  It felt really good to do some today.

As you can see I had quite the variety for my bead soup.  I added another 3 different colours of blue seed beads after this photo was taken.  23 different blue beads 🙂

mixed blue bead soup


 Beadry Beads

I added that to these great beads procurred in England by a friend who was living there for a short time.  He got me this set, plus a red, black, and white/grey sets 🙂

Thanks J!

I’ll share photo’s of my toque when it looks less like a brown/orange blob, and when my necklace is completed. 🙂

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