Wrap Bracelets are almost ready!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhew! I’ve been terribly busy with the farm and Christmas that I forgot to finish off all the Wrap Bracelets I made.  I had picked out and washed the buttons, but then didn’t sew them on until today.  I think I found them all, although I think the kitten made off with one button.  So I’ll have to go through my button stash again and find another ‘perfect’ button.

I only took photo’s of this one with the brown faux leather button.  It’s made with Kroy sock yarn in an interesting colourway.  Pale aqua, blue, pink, chartruese, olive green, brown…. each one turns out different.  I love using these sock yarns for the Wrap Bracelets.  It makes a very fine and interesting piece.


Today is the 6th week anniversary of adopting Walker.  I’m don’t usually keep track of these things, but for some reason I am mentally keeping track of Walkers growth and the impact he’s made on our family.  All of the cats, excepting old man Chai Son, have started playing again.  It’s nice to see them pouncing and wrestling with Walker and each other.  He’s comfortable and friendly with all the dogs, and it’s cute watching him give Conan head boops.  Since Doom is a large tabby, I’m also interested to see how Walker will grow in comparison. Will I have two monster sized tabbies?  One can only hope! 🙂


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