everyone is staying busy

I’ve been putting my nose to the grindstone lately, trying to get some snowflakes into the shop. 🙂  I’ve gotten two pretty steampunk-inspired snowflakes completed and listed. 

I also have another pearl&blue one, and two mini flakes awaiting stiffening.

I’m also working on making some monochromatic flakes for those who want a more solid looking flake.

I’ve been so busy with the snowflakes that I haven’t been crocheting! yikes!  I’m now behind on my amineko cats and the wrap bracelets I want to make. :/


blog2012.11.18 ph04

remember I can do custom orders to match your Christmas decor

blog2012.11.18 ph03

I’m not the only one to enjoy my new bird feeders! She hasn’t caught anything that I know of, thank goodness.

blog2012.11.18 ph02

Grimm is still able to find snacks!

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2 Responses to everyone is staying busy

  1. sue says:

    Beautiful snowflakes! How do you stiffen them? Great shots
    of your cats.


    • I use floor wax to stiffen them. Soak them and then lay them flat making sure all the points are where I want them. It can be done repeatly if over time they become unstiff, or a little helper gets a hold of it. LOL

      Thanks for the compliments, Grimm was playing with that mouse, so I missed some good mid-air twists and throws. :/


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