My view today

Fluffy and friend found my new feeder

I’m working on getting the beaded snowflakes into the shop (you can see one on the window there) today.  **EDIT: The snowflakes are in the SHOP!  There are 5 that are the same at the moment, with some different ones to follow.**  I managed to get some “in action” shots with my fluttery model in the photo.  At least I think it was Fluffy.  He has a friend who will take seeds from my hand now, so that makes me happy.  I can still tell them apart!  Fluffly is the one who will chirp at me while sitting in my hand, and take the time to stuff TWO seeds into his beak. 🙂 Greedy little bird!

We have little sooty junco’s on the ground, and a pair of bluejays still about.  I just read that you can tame a bluejay to eat out of your hand.  Perhaps I should try that this winter.  Ours stay all winter, even though I read they migrate.

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