Cats, real and toys, all adorable!

It’s November!  Which means cold, cutting wood, and preparing for Christmas.

My honeymoons went well, and I’ll share photo’s soon. 🙂

blog2012.11.02 ph01

me and Walker

But it’s back to the grind around here. Happily I’m doing that with a hallowe’en surprise! A new kitten!!  We named him Walker, in honour of the day we got him.  Walker is what the characters on The Walking Dead call a zombie.  I love that show! Daryl is my favorite character.  Walker is super adorable, and is enjoying being warm 24/7 and having many animal family members.  He was a stray on the outskirts of Shellbrook.  The family that had been leaving food out for him were going to be taking him to an animal shelter in two days, as it was just to cold for kittens.


blog2012.11.04 ph03

WIP: snowflakes

Christmas crafts are in full swing.  I’m beading up some snowflakes, and hopefully they’ll be in the shop next week.  These won’t be the only ones!  I’m doing them six at a time, but I’ll be offering them singley.  It looks like a tangle, but it’s really not, as long as you’re patient. 🙂  I’ll post a finished photo as soon as I can. 🙂

blog2012.11.04 ph02

Hey Doom? What’s up??

I’m making all my neices and nephews Amineko Cats this year.  Each one unique.  I’m using up stash yarn, but a wee bit of new yarn too.  The pink felt is thrifted, as is the embroidery floss.  I worked on the first three during the drives to and from Edmonton and Winnipeg.  They were pretty much ready to be assembled when we got home. 🙂

This guy is hanging out with Doom! hehe

blog2012.11.05 ph01

The first 3 done….7 more to go.

And I’ll leave you with this super adorable photo!

blog2012.11.04 ph01

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