Mummy broke her finger!

blog2012.10.07 ph02

heh, got my hallowe’en costume figured out. LOL


Just in time for vacation and trips.  Yay!! (sarcastic tone!!)

But luckly I didn’t snap it, and it’s my left hand.  I’m a righty, so I can still type, eat, drink, and hopefull bead and crochet oksy.  I haven’t tried to do the latter yet as I’m busy busy around here.  Guess I should be more carefully putting big logs into the furnace eh?  Yup it’s time for wood heat.  Getting chilly around here, but no snow yet. Knock on wood,…. or maybe not. 😉


Both finger hurt and are bruised, but I’m sure only the ring finger is cracked.  Guess I won’t be wearing my wedding ring on my honeymoon. 😥

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