garden tour

Tomorrow we’re harvesting the garden as frost is going to be coming, the temps are going into the minuses this coming up week.  The pumpkins are pretty tiny, but we have cucumbers, zuccinni, corn, and tomatoes to get in tomorrow.  Maybe the pumpkins will get bigger yet. Are they frost resistant? I dunno.  If we lose them to frost, we won’t lose much. 😦

blog2012.09.14 ph02

the biggest pumpkin. yup.

There must be a trick to growing pumpkins that I have to discover.  The plants are HUGE.  HUGE.  But hardly any pumpkins.  We still have flowers!! I’ve gotta figure this out for next year.

blog2012.09.14 ph01

part of the pumpkin and cucumber patch. There really isn’t anything under all those leaves. 😦

blog2012.09.14 ph03

the Wooly Bears are on the move!! So super cute.

I expect I’ll be busy all day tomorrow, and going to hang with my bestie on Sunday. 🙂

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One Response to garden tour

  1. asliceofsuzi says:

    I don’t know how to grow them either. I tried last year and we had one pumpkin that was about the size of an orange! The plants and flowers are stunning though aren’t they? I will def grow them again just for that reason – pumpkins would just be a bonus.


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