gotta finish them all!

In cleaning up my studio I’ve been running across more UFOs than I care to admit. For shame!! So I think I’ll make a point of getting some done before starting anything new.  And since I have quite a few new beads I want to work with, I think I’ll be motivated.

blog2012.09.12 ph01

multistrand in browns, X’s and O’s or Moss Stitch choker, lacey fall tones necklace


The choker and the lacey fall colours necklaces are finished!  Yay!! Now onto the brown multistrand, and maybe the multistrand with leather that isn’t pictured.

Lots of fall re-organizing and downsizing going on around here.  Also garden harvesting still.  I’m hoping that the tomatoes will start ripening as I already have a mess of green ones picked.  The pumpkins need to hurry up.  It’s supposed to be warm and sunny for the next couple of days.  Everyone is getting back to routines, and it’s feeling pretty good to have that again.

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One Response to gotta finish them all!

  1. molly says:

    no shame here, my dear – after all, you were pretty busy with that whole wedding thing! sometimes it’s nice to have some ufos to work on while your brain can be busy planning out your new projects!


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