Fall is certainly here!

First week of school, deer hunting soon, and harvesting the garden.

blog2012.09.07 ph01

Two deer grazing in the field. You’ll have to zoom in to the original photo to see them. Camoflaged in the brownish grass, they’re so hard to see.

The kids are happy to back to school, but not so happy to get up so early. 🙂

blog2012.09.07 ph02

waiting for the bus at the end of the driveway. Soon it will be -20 and dark while they wait.

My garden was a middling success.  We moved the location to beside the house and where we kept the ponies for a little while.  There was a LOT of horse manure!  The tomatoes and corn really like it.  And it was super easy to water.  The pumpkin and cucumber plants really took off, but I’m not sure we’re going to get a crop in proportion to the spread of the vines and number of flowers.  I’m sure there is a pruning trick I have yet to learn.  Same with the tomatoes.  We have a lot, but I’m sure I would have lots more if I trimmed them back.  The tomatoes grew into bushes. Literally as tall as me. o.O

blog2012.09.07 ph03

we took the big ones and the ones laying on the ground off. I hope we don’t get a frost!

blog2012.09.07 ph04

The orange carrots. The ground must have gotten hard a few inches down as the are all short and squat. We tilled pretty good, but manure gets a “skin” after it gets wet, so I bet that’s what happened.

blog2012.09.07 ph05

purple carrots and beans in Wedding Present Pyrex!!!

We got a lot of Pyrex for wedding presents!!  Poor husband! 😉

Pyrex sure looks pretty with garden produce in it! MMM garden carrots and corn for supper tonight!!



blog2012.09.07 ph06

I might have left some cucumbers on the vine a little to long.


We sent zuccinni home already with Thriftygirl and The Phil.  🙂  There’s a few more little ones in there, and hopefully the pumpkins will get big quick!!



















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One Response to Fall is certainly here!

  1. asliceofsuzi says:

    Your harvest looks great and so does your pyrex. I didn’t have the resources (truck, rototiller, black dirt etc) to put in much of a garden this year. Just tomatoes and strawberries. It’s going to be a long wait until next spring!


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