August Long Weekend fun

blog2012.08.06 ph05

Llama! At the petting zoo. It was pretty sad actually. I’m not sure if some of the animals were rescues – but I hope so. My hunny keeps bringing up the idea of us having a petting zoo as a business. I’m game, but the farm needs a lot of work first.

blog2012.08.06 ph04

The kids had fun riding the rides all day!

I forgot to take photo’s at the Fringe, but we were there. Didn’t see anyone I knew, :(, except for John the Tibetian-Booth-Guy.  I purchased a ton of beads in one booth, and a chicken ring and gemstudded bracelet from John.

blog2012.08.06 ph02

antique register at The Blacktop Cafe. Apparently it’s reservation only, and has a 7 star chef. Who knew?


blog2012.08.06 ph01

cotton bib and Bali/ Indonesia presents! I have already made myself a pair of earrings. 🙂 Lava, coral, and howlite!




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One Response to August Long Weekend fun

  1. Tanit-Isis says:

    Aww, going to the Fringe and not running into anyone you know has to be a crime! Glad you had fun, though. I am sorry to be missing it this year….


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