Busy doing…. shop updates!

Adding pieces to the Sale section!

blog2012.07.26 ph02

Trying to get some pieces to a new home! 🙂


Added some new feather earrings as well.  I’ve been collecting feathers from the pasture, and recently purchased some peacock feathers. ❤ feathers!!

blog2012.07.26 ph01

My current shop front. 🙂


I’ve made a few sales lately! Very encouraging.  I’m hoping to be able to pay for the internet bill (and the beads I’ve bought recently) with my sales soonish.  My stratedgy is to focus on: 1) getting the old stock listed with reduces prices, 2) create unique, beautiful, and irresistable feather pieces, and 3) bead crochet pieces.  I’ll only be doing crochet by request or for gifts (which I’ve been doing a lot of lately).  As always, I’ll do custom orders!

Perhaps after the wedding I’ll explore doing some french flower pieces.  Those are beaded flowers, like the daises I’m doing for my wedding bouquet. 🙂


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