Brilliantly cloudy days

blog2012.06.15 pho1

I’m using a vintage wooden sewing box to keep my feather beading materials corralled. Plus it looks great closed up when I leave it in the living room.

As promised, I’m working on making feathers to pair with the turquiose dyed howlite to make some really nice pieces.  I’ll probably be incorporating leather as well.  Kind of a native canadian feel to the pieces.  I’m also considering making another owl necklace to offer in the shop.  I found the design on the Bead & Button facebook page, but can’t find the artist or it anywhere else on the internet.  I’d love to give credit, as it’s gorgeous.  It was posted to be used in the bead quilt for charity, but otherwise I can’t find any information on it.  I love my necklace and get compliments when I wear it.  Would anyone else like one? 🙂

Keeping busy around here with regular life.  School is winding down, and summer holidays will be starting soon.  I have lots to do for my wedding yet!

blog2012.06.13 ph06

the ferry crossing

Speaking of which, we went to Saskatoon this week to drop of my vintage wedding dress to be cleaned.  The drycleaner made no promises, but hopefully it won’t be ruined.  If so, back to square one on that front.  We didn’t find a bridesmaid dress for my daughter.  I’ve started looking online, but I’m thinking I’ll be sewing it myself.   yikes!

blog2012.06.13 ph05

the North Saskatchewan River

We took a scenic route to get to Saskatoon, via a ferry.  It was certainly scenic, but not shorter. :/ I like crossing the river on the ferries, It must be a pretty good job, being the operator. All by yourself, plenty of time to crochet. ahh!

The weather has been pretty wet recently, as my basement will attest.  I now have at least one salamander swimming around down there.  I wish it would get hot and dry so I can clean it all out!  The ducks and other water birds have sure enjoyed these wet couple of years.  I haven’t seen any ducklings yet, but the goslings from the two Canadian Geese families are sure getting big.

blog2012.06.13 ph04

We raced a storm home!

blog2012.06.13 ph03

we crossed the bridge coming home 🙂

blog2012.06.13 ph07

we were rewarded with a very faint rainbow 🙂

blog2012.06.13 ph01

I kept busy working on a new crochet project!

Inspired by this pin, and loving hexagons, I decided to use this bright Kroy Sock Yarn I’ve been saving for a 4ME project, and make myself a cowl.

I ended up having to buy two more balls of yarn, but I am so far loving it!  You can also see the Serenity shirt I bought from my friend Niki, and she also made the skull fabric bag that I use to carry my project.  You can find her FB page here.

I missed seeing my BFF Thriftygirl (due to me forgetting her cell number – DOH!), but I managed to see my Fairy Craftmother and picked up some goodies!

blog2012.06.13 ph02

yarn purchased online, thrifted yarn, gifted yarn, and yarn bought with two dozen eggs. 😀

You may have noticed the Shop has filled up quite a bit!  I’ve been focusing on getting pieces listed.  Also I’ve been relisting stock and putting them on sale.  Remember I’m still offering FREE SHIPPING in honour of turning another year older. lol  Visit my facebook page, as I update that when I list pieces – pretty much everything I make is One Of A Kind, so you don’t want to miss out.  If you like something, please share.  Every little bit helps me out!


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2 Responses to Brilliantly cloudy days

  1. molly says:

    it was sooooo grand to finally meet you and your family! the eggs are scrumptious – you must have very happy ladies! the owl necklace is beautiful isn’t it? and owls represent so many things to so many different cultures…
    here’s hoping for a dry weekend!


  2. asliceofsuzi says:

    That pic of the valley and clouds is stunning.


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