Thrifty Thursday: Plows to Ornaments

I’m loving the warm days when we get them, and try to take some moments to just sit in the sun and crochet or bead. Also, to rest my elbow which is starting to hurt due to all the shovelling of manure I’ve been doing for the garden.

blog2012.06.07 ph03

my view!

You can see on the right the line of tires that we’re planting potatoes in this year.  I filled the bottom tire up with old old manure from the barn (there is quite the buildup from the previous owner) then the second tire is put on, a couple of sprouting potatoes thrown in and then I fill up the second tire with more manure.  I’ve lost count of how many wheelbarrows of manure I’ve moved. My poor elbow!  I’ve been babying it since it started hurting as I don’t want it to get to serious.  But it makes getting this job done slow. :/

blog2012.06.07 ph01

Thrifty Thursday! Skirt is from Value Village, white yarn is thrifted as well.

I’m still working on Coco the Cat from Crochet Today!  It’s been pretty frustrating.  In order to make gauge I’ve had to double my yarn and go with a bigger hook.  My first attempt looked squat and odd.  My second attempt also looks squat.  The photo in the magazine shows a taller cat, not a short bodied one, so I think I’ll be adjusting the pattern.  Right now I’m making the dress (also with doubled yarn and large hook) to see how long I should make the body.  I haven’t seen any corrections on the site yet.  Has anyone else made this toy?  I enjoy crocheting outside in the sun, even if the wind is blowing my skirt and yarn around.  I had adorable company in the form of Frank.

blog2012.06.07 ph02

he still gets pimples/ sores showing up from quill bits working their way out. :/

blog2012.06.07 ph04

the wind is still chilly, especially coming off of the slough

You can’t smell them through your screen but there is a huge lilac bush to my left that smells so nice.  Too bad my hunny is allergic to them.  I’d love to bring some blooms inside.  But then I’d feel bad for the hummingbird and bees who would have lost some nomnoms.  Best to enjoy them outside I guess.

blog2012.06.07 ph06

it may be old, but it would still work if we needed it!

My hunny went and fetched this old plow from the old barns today.  He didn’t even realize it was Thrifty Thursday (even if I am bad at posting every Thursday!) until he got it into the yard.  He enjoys old farm things, and I have to say, I agree.  It’s pretty interesting.

blog2012.06.07 ph05

behind view, if I was planting seeds

It looks pretty great, now to find those old wagon wheels. lol

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