Mother’s Day 2012

I had a great Mother’s Day yesterday.  Sunshine, coffee, bacon & eggs, and cards with gifts!

blog2012.05.14 ph01

Handmade cards are the best! So are Spa Gift Certificates!

We rototilled the new garden space yesterday, and today we’re planting the baby plants.  We’ll cover them with poly so the ground retains heat.  It’s been so warm this year, I haven’t heard a frost warning yet.

Saturday wasn’t so much fun.  We had an emergency run to the vet, as my dog Frank got porcupine quills throughout his muzzle.  Second time, so I hope he’s finally learned his lesson (but probably hasn’t).

But in some good news, my Rainbow Feather Earrings are featured in an Etsy treasury. 🙂

blog2012.05.14 ph02

Rainbow’s for Mom : *click* to visit!


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3 Responses to Mother’s Day 2012

  1. asliceofsuzi says:

    Oh no, we had a dog that got quilled more than once. It seems like there are two types of dogs, ones that think “ouch, I won’t do that again” and the other type thinks “I’ll get you next time PorkyPine!” Eventually we quit taking our dog to the vet and just pulled them out ourselves with pliars. It helps to have some tranquilizers on hand.


    • I wouldn’t mind doing it myself, where did you get tranquilizers?? Cuz that’s all we’d need, and I’m sure they’d cost less than $250-80.


      • asliceofsuzi says:

        You can get them from the vet and they’re cheap. Less than $20 if memory serves me correctly. After the first couple of times we didn’t even have to use the tranquilizers anymore. Sue


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