Pyrex Madness!

I’m mad for Pyrex! I love the colours, patterns, and glossy texture.

For my wedding, the buffet food will be served/displayed in Pyrex.  I’m looking forward to seeing all the yummy food in my colourful, happy, helpful Pyrex.  To help my dreams come true, and just cuz she’s so generous and wonderful, Thriftygirl has been gifting me with Pyrex as a pre-wedding wedding present.  😀 YAY!

blog2012.05.04 ph01

this bunch fills up my yellow table nicely 🙂

blog2012.05.04 ph02

my collection of cinderella bowls went from one to 7 in just a couple of days!

blog2012.05.04 ph03

Divided dishes! Just missing one lid. These are going to look great with fresh veggies in them. That red one is so RED!

blog2012.05.04 ph04

great Spring Blossom cinderella’s, which just happens to be the exact shade of green that is my wedding colour #1. 🙂

blog2012.05.04 ph05

A Butterfly Gold and an english piece with tulips all over it

blog2012.05.04 ph06

cutie little bowls!

blog2012.05.04 ph07

English Vegetable Pyrex

blog2012.05.04 ph08

hurrah! Finally got a sugar and creamer! 🙂

blog2012.05.04 ph09

A yellow and 2 blue bowls from the Primary Set (I think and hope), and a weird blue bowl and cutie dotted Federal bowl.

How did I get such an awesome friend?!?!?!  And for Molly and Jordon who have also gifted me with Pyrex – THANK YOU!!! ❤ ❤

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5 Responses to Pyrex Madness!

  1. Mandy says:

    These are so great. I heart pyrex too!
    Little Maison


  2. molly says:

    i have friends who own the big yellow bowl along with the ‘matching’ blue and red ones…i’ve been trying to talk them out of them. so you could have them….but so far – no luck! hee hee!


    • and there apparently is a green one in the set as well. We saw the “red” one at VV the same time I picked the yellow and brighter blue bowls up…. but it was a peach shade, matte, and scratched all up. Terrible!!

      The primary set can sell for $100 or so in good condition – so I don’t blame your friends for holding on to them. They’re wonderful bowls!


      • molly says:

        hmmm – yes – they have the green one too….only a few scratches….guess i’ll never get them away from my friends!


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