Starting my DIY wedding!!!

April is almost over, and that will mean one third of 2012 is gone.  How does that happen?  I’ve hardly got anything done off of my huge, and evergrowing, to-do list. 😦

blog2012.04.23 ph09

Crochet-a-Long progress. I've decided to do 12X12, and I've got 3 rows (36 out 144) done completely. It'll fit the queen size bed.

Spring is finally here, and it’s been wet and warm lately.  The basement hasn’t flooded yet this year, we’re staving it off by running the hose constantly.  I’m hoping for a dry year, just to get the ground water down enough so everything isn’t soggy.

Farm life continues…. the ponies are shedding their winter hair, so we’re brushing them as often as they’ll let us.  They look a little raggedy right now.  The chicken coop is half way done it’s bi-annual clean out.  I’m spreading the poop and straw on top off last year’s garden’s beds.  As the summer goes on I’ll probably add manure, and other compost to it.  Next year I should be able to get some good vegetables out of that garden.  We’re moving the garden closer to the house for this year, so it will be easy to water and take care of.

blog2012.04.23 ph08

made from 100% thrifted materials!


I had the pleasure  of a visit from Thriftygirl during the easter break for a day and night.  We did some crocheting and thrifting.  She gifted me with quite the haul of Pyrex, which I will have to feature soon.  So exciting and wonderful!!  We worked on learning a new crochet pattern, the Granny Stripe.   It was simple to learn.  We each made a cowl. Thriftygirl’s is for sale!

I went for a walk on Sunday………

blog2012.04.23 ph03

Saskatchewan View: the pine trees on the right are beside my house.

blog2012.04.23 ph02

Conan is taking a break between pastures.

blog2012.04.23 ph01

finally found some crocuses!

beads, 26 gauge wire, and floral tape - all you need besides instructions... oh and patience.

I started to work on my wedding bouquet.  I want to do French Flower Daisies.  Which basically means daisies made from seed beads.  I have only done this technique once before quite a while ago, and I made pansies.  While they are cute, certainly aren’t daisies.  I’m pretty excited to have flowers that will last forever and maybe become a heirloom for my daughter. 🙂  I’m using instructions from ‘French-Beaded Flowers’ by Dalene Kelly.  With confidance I forged ahead, stringing 4 feet of white-lined seed beads onto my wire.

blog2012.04.23 ph06

not to bad for my first time!

THAT took me 30 minutes. huh. Undaunted I followed the instructions carefully and made the daisy petals. Twisting and bending the wire is hard on the thumb nail, so I think I’ll have to figure out some sort of thimble, or hope I can get these done in time to be able to have nice nails for the wedding. lol

After that I made the center piece, which was a lot easier.  The Continuous Crossover Loops are a lot more difficult to get to look neat than the Basic Method of making shapes.

blog2012.04.23 ph04

middle of the daisy! easy!

Making French Flowers takes a lot of time and skill.  I’ve seen some amazing examples on the web.  If you ever run across any and are a little stunned by the price tag – just remember these flowers took time and skill and besides, they’ll never fade or wilt.   I’m considering doing a little more step-by-step in a future post, just to give other people the confidance to try it.  I think that if I was a novice beader, looking at these instructions would be intimidating. What do you think?


Here's a webcam shot of me holding the daisy. It's not finished though.


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2 Responses to Starting my DIY wedding!!!

  1. molly says:

    spring is always such an exciting time – but a bit overwhelming too, as you begin to contemplate all the extra work to do! fortunately, we are provided with extra hours in which to do it!
    daisy is lovely!


  2. Tanit-Isis says:

    Those will be beautiful! I actually did some crochet this past weekend, as we were out trekking and it was portable. Nothing substantial or useful, though. Obviously I need to look up some patterns… 🙂

    A farm is the best place to be in Spring, IMO.


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