Starting the garden

First day of Easter break, and we have a sunny morning and early afternoon! It looks like rain now, and is supposed to snow on Saturday! >.<  I guess it’ll be an up-and-down spring.  Saskatchewan weather ‘can’ change on a dime, so we shouldn’t be suprised.

blog2012.04.05 ph05

folding the ends of the tubes over

We purchased seed starter flats with 72 peatmoss thingies. But I also wanted to try to make my own and practise the 3R’s. I had been saving the toilet paper tubes all winter, but I have no idea where they went.  I suspect garbage or into the fire. ::sigh::  But we go through a lot of TP aound here, so I had quite a few that I had stashed in the last few weeks. Rhiannon cut them in half, and then her and Jake folded over the end to make little pots.

blog2012.04.05 ph04

filling them with the dirt and horse poop mixture

We trekked out to the horse corral and gathered up some manure and mixed it roughly 50/50 with potting soil.  Then we spooned it into our pots, patting it down to get a full pot.  Once I had the soil and poop mixed you couldn’t really tell it apart.  I’ve heard somewhere that horse poop is the next best thing to worm poop to plant in.

blog2012.04.05 ph03

using popcycle sticks to plant the seeds

We then went inside to plant our seeds.  For the TP pots we planted marigold seeds.  I want to put marigolds in the garden to help ward off little critters and they’re a happy cute little flower as well.

We still have lots of flower seeds, so when we have another stash of tubes, we’ll fill up the rest of this tray.  We planted tomatoes, pumpkins, zucchini, cucumbers, and corn.  I know the tomatoes need an early start, and the rest of them didn’t do so well last year, so I figure an early start might help them.

blog2012.04.05 ph02

all done and ready to start sprouting

We picked up this little greenhouse shelving unit last year for around $20.  It’s pretty sturdy, and more importantly, the cover keeps the cats from laying on the trays.  Last year however, we had to keep them off of the top of the unit as they would lay on the cover. Bad kitties!

blog2012.04.05 ph06

Jake and Pokey


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3 Responses to Starting the garden

  1. asliceofsuzi says:

    That’s a great idea, I’m going to try that too. Buying those little peat pots is such a waste of money! I’ve been itching to get some planting happening but with our wacky weather its always better to wait.


    • 🙂 We’ve saved more rolls, so probably going to do more today {marigolds}. I’ve already got pumpkins, cukes and corn sprouting. I have a niggling worry that they’ll be so big by the time the middle of May shows up, but we’ll figure it out. No tomatoes sprouting yet.

      Next year it will be completely TP rolls, and probably egg shells.

      Soon I’ll be building my outdoor worm composter, and figuring out where my compost piles will be for the overflow.


  2. molly says:

    love the toilet roll idea! it’s one of those ‘why the heck didn’t i think of that’ things! enjoy the week with your kids and critters and little baby plants!


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