feathers; real and not

the other side of the huge slough


It got pretty warm yesterday so I went for a walk to Crocus Hill (a hill in the back that has crocuses growing on it) with the dogs and in a skirt. Must be spring if I’m tromping around in a skirt. 😀 There is still ice on the slough, but certainly not good for walking on anymore.

blog2012.03.30 ph04

Such a handsome guy

Frank was quite excited to be walking around the property!  He likes to dig, and found some fresh piles of sandy soil.  I’m not sure what makes them as there are no burrows, but salamanders live in them.  He didn’t find one this time around though.

He has to be kept on a leash and tied up in the yard as he runs off and has adventures by himself.

blog2012.03.30 ph01

Relic and Chocolatescotch wondering where I'm going

There is a lot of water on the land.  Almost every hollow had standing water in it.  And there are quite a few smaller sloughs.  I don’t think we’re going to worry about having a dry year, and in fact am looking forward to it.

blog2012.03.30 ph02

Conan and Frank

blog2012.03.30 ph07

snuck up on two pairs of Canadian Geese to get this photo!

blog2012.03.30 ph06

The Canadian Geese flying away


Besides tromping about and taking photos of grass, ice, and puppies I’ve been crocheting and beading.  Not photo’s today of crochet…yet. But I do have some of some earrings I’m working on. Enjoy!

blog2012.03.30 ph09

yellow+brown, purples, peacock-inspired, and aqua+brown


blog2012.03.30 ph08

aqua+brown, rainbow, and brown+teal

Soon these will be in the shop!



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