gifts from my Fairycraftmother

I missed posting yesterday, despite good intentions. :/  So you get the thrifty scoop today.

I visited friends in Saskatoon this month and received a gift from my Fairycraftmother!

blog2012.03.23 ph06

a lovely stack of reading and eye candy

I also did some thrift shopping as well and got some magazines, so those are mixed into the pile as well.  I love vintage craft magazines.  I love seeing the old patterns, the photoshoot setups, and how fashions and style has changed and come back again.

The Modern Patchwork is pretty fantastic, and I got a lot fo McCall’s Needlework magazines, some from the 80s and some huge ones from the 70s and one from 1935-36!!  I took some photo’s and put them up on my Flickr account.  Check it out, and if you want to see more, just let me know.  I don’t have a scanner though. 😦

blog2012.03.23 ph02

just the McCall’s

blog2012.03.23 ph03

Fall-Winter 68-69

blog2012.03.23 ph13

Spring-Summer 67

The pages inside are so great.  I almost want to violate these magazines and frame some of the pages.

blog2012.03.23 ph04

Spring-Summer 66

blog2012.03.23 ph05


They have some really great things inside, lots of things that people now-a-days would love, especially me. 🙂  Definetly a source of inspiration. Thanks Molly! These have found a good home. 🙂

blog2012.03.23 ph12


Of course there are advertisements that tease me with really great kits.  Check out the adorable owl pictures on the bottom right side.  I checked ebay and etsy and found some really great kits, but not these particular ones.  I’ll just have to keep checking.  This is a reminder that if you see something in a modern magazine that you should maybe buy it if you love it.

blog2012.03.23 ph11

Check out the owl latchhook rug on the left.  Super adorable.  I see latchhook yarn in thrift stores, and I keep thinking about buying a bunch to make my own rugs up.  I think once I get my studio more organized and don’t feel like I’m about to be on an episode of Hoarders, I’ll follow that idea.

blog2012.03.23 ph01


I love patchwork.  I love doing it with crochet, and I loved doing it with my daughters skirt, and with hexagons.  This just hits every YES! bone in my body.  I love these looks.  I think creating a “fabric” out of patches and then using a pattern to create a beautiful dress would be a dream come true for me.

I just have to get my sewing skills up to spec, and figure out how to deal with all the hems/fraying edges of the patches.  French seaming takes up alot of fabric, and a serger is out of my price range at the moment. *sigh*

Isn’t that puff sleeved top adorable??

I’ve also been busy Doing things.  I’ve made a couple of bibs for my newest nephew.  I used a pattern from Crochet Today!, one of my favorite crochet magazines.

blog2012.03.23 ph08

pattern from Crochet Today! Special Issue 2010

blog2012.03.23 ph10

100% cotton for easy cleanup

I used blues and a couple of complimentary varigated yarns in 100% cotton.  I guess they could double as dish cloths, lol.

I didn’t realize that one of the varigated would be a rainbow until I got stitching.  I really like this pattern and could see doing this spiral for an afghan or place mats, etc.

blog2012.03.23 ph07

Doom and Grim snoozing on DH’s babette

I couldn’t do a post with out a furry friend or two. 🙂  Doom and Grim got a bunch of Awww’s from the kids, so I had to snap of photo of them. 🙂

blog2012.03.23 ph09

fish being weird

I admit that I’m not a “fish person”.  These are my DH’s fish, named for the cast of The Big Bang Theory. (we love that show).  And lately they’ve taken to hanging out in the corner….staring.  It’s a little odd, and creepy.  I’m not sure what they’re fasinated by. They do it after the sun goes down as well as duing the day, and there are windows visible from both ends of the tank, so it shouldn’t be light.  I think we have finally beat the anchor worm infestation that we had. Thanks Unnamed petstore for that.  We treated the tank with anti-parasite stuff, but before that I became very skilled at spotting and tweezing out anchor worms.  I even took off a GIANT fish louse from the big guy (Sheldon) in the corner. UGH! Lemme say – not cool.

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One Response to gifts from my Fairycraftmother

  1. molly says:

    i’m so glad they’ve found a good home, anita! i love ephemera from days gone by, too. i love the feeling of peeking through a window into another time and place and think that magazines are one of the best ways to do that. my prizes are some women’s mags from 1919-1921….
    have a lovely weekend!


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