Sunday update

It’s been quite warm here in Saskatchewan, warmer than normal.  The weather has certainly been odd everywhere this year.  It rained today but, thank goodness, no flooding in the basement.  Most of the snow has melted leaving giant puddles in the yard.  I took a walk on Thursday, taking the photo below, but I bet the snow is all gone today.

blog2012.03.18 ph01

walking in the brush and came across these two deer trails. Conan thinks they smell interesting.

blog2012.03.18 ph04

A peach-scented soap and remenents of Irish Spring and another bar grated and ready to become laundry soap.

This weekend was quite a lazy weekend, but I did get a To Do done.  I was running low on laundry soap, so I needed to make more. Since it’s so easy to make I made 2 batches, so that I wouldn’t have to do it again for 3 months, or maybe have a jug to share.  You can find directions at this previous post. 🙂  The first batch was with a peach scented soap, and the second was made with a “goat’s milk” bar.  Not sure is it was really made with goat’s milk, but it certainly gelled more than the previous batches.  This soap worked really well to clean our clothes.  It never left any residue either.  Also, no one got rashes or allergic reactions.  We have sensative skin, so we can’t use Tide or Sunlight soap.

blog2012.03.18 ph03

16 L!!

I’m very pleased to be making my own soap.  I still have quite a bit of soap soda and borax left. So for less than $20 plus bars of soap in my supply stash, I have laundry soap for a year. 😀

blog2012.03.18 ph02

Completed squares on the left and partial squares on the right.

I’ve been working on my Crochet-A-Long afghan today as well.  I haven’t done a recent square count, but I’m hoping to be at least 1/4 done.  I’m making it queen size, so that’s a lot of squares. 🙂  It’s using up a ton of scraps though, so that’s great news for my storage woes. LOL

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