Baby Booties!

I found this super adorable baby jacket and booty set pattern in the Crochet Today! Nov/Dec 2011 issue.  I just had to make it for my brother-in-law’s new baby boy. I got some really nice Silk Bamboo yarn by Patons (found in Michaels).  I choose the Almond colour as it looks like really silvery electrum colour.  The silver metal buttons are thrifted.

blog2012.02.22 ph08

angel booties!

The yarn is so soft and dreamy to work with.  It’s pricey (by my thrifty standards) but so worth it.  I bought a couple more balls and will have to start working up the winged sweater to go with these. 🙂

It’s such a cute little pattern.  I’m sure the yarn I choose was a little to soft as my wings are kinda floppy.  I don’t have any starch to stiffen them up with, and I’m not really sure I’d want them to be to stiff anyways.

These booties also remind me of Mercury’s boots.  🙂

blog2012.02.23 ph01blog2012.02.23 ph02I couldn’t resist making more!  For the second pair I used Bernat’s Mosaic yarn, but I can’t remember the name of the colourway it was.  I had to wind a ball up to find the starting point fo the second one as one booty only uses 2 of the colour changes and a wee bit on either side of that.  I think they’ll be nice and warm!  I used burnished brass button’s on these ones and left off the wings.

blog2012.02.23 ph05Pattern notes:  I had to change the pattern a wee bit.  It doesn’t say to start and end your yarn every round, but I found that my starting point for my rounds “travelled” forward and therefore starting at the same point of the round as the pattern wouldn’t have worked for me.  I knew the increases and decreases were to happen evenly at the ends of the shoe, and therefore started counting my stitches and just made sure to place my stitches in the appropriate spots.  That meant that on a certain round the pattern would ask me to sc in the next ten stitches then start my decrease,and I knew I only had to do 1 or 2 then start those decreases.  I was confidant and my end result is pretty great.  I love the bobbles in this pattern and the texture on the bottom of the shoe.  It’s such a sweet pattern.

I love how the colour change happened on the row of the bobbles.  It worked out perfect.  You leave a little bit of the last colour on so you’ll have the middle of your sole a different colour, then all of your next colour up until the bobbles.  Your cuff will be the start of the fourth colour and just add that bit of interest.  I will be making more of these using the Mosaic yarn, that’s for sure.

This issue of Crochet Today! has lots of good stuff, and in my opinion, is one of the best crochet magazines out there.  Definitely worth the subscription.

blog2012.02.22 ph10I’m not sure what it is about my DH’s Babette Blanket that Grim loves, but he just loves to crawl into it and snooze.  Such a sweetheart.

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