A few tah-dahs!

I’ve been having a lot of fun crocheting lately, but decided to get some beadwork done as well.  So I am excited to show you some Finished Objects! yay!


blog2012.02.22 ph05

the Brain Toque completed!

Finally I have finished the Brain Toque!  woohoo!! I think my DH is a bit stunned with happiness. 😉

blog2012.02.22 ph04

a tribal necklace for my guy.


When we go bead shopping I get him to pick out beads for me that appeal to men (cuz what do I know?)  He picked out all the beads in this necklace except for the bone wheels (thrifted), onyx, and hematite (both stash).  He really liked the rough cut amethyst chunk, so I made that the focal.  I have some lava beads, carved stone beads, white jade, bone beads, and some unikite on my bead board waiting to be made into necklaces for him.  If his and my friends (and blog visitors) like what they see, I’m sure similar ones will make it into the shop. 🙂

blog2012.02.22 ph07

crocheted squirrels and beaded owl square

A darker squirrel got sewed onto my daughters jeans as a patch, and she just about died in happiness.  I think she likes them. 🙂  I’ll probably end up sewing these little guys onto the front ofa couple of her shirts.

I don’t do peyote stitch often (maybe once every 2-3 years) as it’s very time consuming and I like to get my beaded projects done quick.  However, with the practise and enjoyment of actually Getting Things Done I managed to get this owl square done in two days. Yay me!  But, (big but), he’s to big for the Bead and Button Bead-It-Forward Quilt Project!!  And I have no “stiff stuff” to sew him onto anyways. gah!  The deadline is in 6 days. 😦  I’ll probably end up making him into a necklace for myself.  He’s pretty cute though! AND I actually did peyote stitch lately!

blog2012.02.22 ph01

not the required 1.5 inches by 1.5 inches 😦


blog2012.02.22 ph03
WIP: baby blanket

I will share some more tah-dahs soon!  I have 2 pairs of booties to show off that are super cute, but first this WIP.  It’s a baby blanket, that I may keep for myself. My baby tah-dah is a looooooooong way off, probably not until the summer of 2013.  But with the recent birth of a cutie nephew (hence the booties), I’ve been going baby crazy.  I’m thinking about making diapers right away as well! Gah!

blog2012.02.22 ph06


I ran outside around 8:15 am for this photo. It was crisp outside but the light and hoarfrost was so pretty.  I didn’t capture the beautiful colours very well, but it’s still a nice photo.

blog2012.02.22 ph02

the Doom of Sparkle & Doom Designs!

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2 Responses to A few tah-dahs!

  1. asliceofsuzi says:

    Ha Ha the brain togue is awesome and your man looks like a zombie. Your beadwork is amazing.


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