Thrift shopping update

Went thrifting lately and got a few scores!blog2012.02.09 ph01

I saw this big carnival glass deviled egg plate and had to get it.  Having chickens I’m always looking for ways to use eggsup.  Also it’s my first piece of carnival glass. 🙂

I also found a Pyrex gravy boat and interesting huge white glass cake plate.  I think it’s fairly old, and there are very faint markings on the back. “Made in the U S of America” and an “SVS” in the middle. I haven’t figured out what that means yet. EDIT: Found one similar on Ebay.  It’s a dentist tray. huh.

blog2012.02.09 ph02I also snatched up these two bags of yarn, for the yellow.  I don’t have any yellow in my yarn stash besides a Red Heart skein that I got for the Inner Hooker CAL.  I’ve been keeping an eye out for more shades as my blanket is going to be more scrappy.  Speaking of which I have 41 squares done.  I’m planning on joining them with black yarn to make each square stand out a bit more, and hopefully make the blanket fit my queen size bed faster. 😉  It looks like this CAL kinda died as I haven’t seen any updates since September.  Ah well.  I like what I’m doing, and I hope to have it done soonish. I need to give it some attention as it got put aside for Christmas.

Also got some aida cloth, a Three Wise Kings kit, and 2 knit hoop things – all really good scores. 😀  I just need to google how to use them, and then make some toques for the fam.

I’ve got lots of projects on the go, almost done, and some actually done. I’ll share soon!

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One Response to Thrift shopping update

  1. asliceofsuzi says:

    You gotta love good VV scores – I bought a pair of Kenneth Cole shoes there today!!!


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