Sunny days and sunny moods

It’s been the winter that never was around here.  We had a run of cold days in January, but nothing severe.  We haven’t had a blizzard…yet.  Last year we had one in February, so I’m not counting Old Man Winter out yet.  But I sure am enjoying this new Canadian winter. LOL  I guess we’ll end up soft eventually and start thinking that -25 C is COLD.

blog2012.02.07 ph06blog2012.02.07 ph04Such nice sunny days!

I can’t resist taking some pretty pictures!



I’m starting to catch up with my UFO’s, and creating more WIP’s!  Pinterest is addictive.  I love looking for new patterns and ideas.  I have several FO’s to share, which I will do soon!

blog2012.02.07 ph03On the sewing front, I am going to be doing Crafty’s Quilt Block of the Month, but haven’t started yet.  I’ve decided to do a plaid theme, using thrifted fabrics.  I don’t have a lot of plaid in my stash however, and thought it would be easy to find.  Not so much.  Thrift stores aound here are charging a lot for their men’s shirts, so it wasn’t as thrifty an idea as I thought.  However, to save the day I found this light blue plaid sheet for $8, which I’ll use as the base fabric throughout.  And my DH donated two older, unwanted shirts.  The black is striped, but it will work nonetheless.  So now I have to get my January blocks done, and keep my eye open for cheap plaids.

blog2012.02.07 ph05I always have a lot of beading on the go all the time, but this is what I am currently working on.  Yellow and brown feathers, and firey orange and red braided donuts.  Destined to be come earrings.  I’ll probably make more feathers in brighter unrealistic colours for fun soon. 🙂

blog2012.02.07 ph02

Still experimenting with broomstick lace crochet.  Here I’m using crochet cotton (size 20) to see how it looks.  I don’t think this one will end up very stretchy.  And it probably won’t be warm, but it will be cute!   I think it would also make a cute edging down the legs of your jeans, or on the cuffs.  Also on the hem of a skirt.  There are lots of ways I can see this being used to decorate clothes.

I have even finer cotton, which with smaller loops, would look so delicate.  Perhaps even victorian.

blog2012.02.07 ph01

My ladies are molting, so they’re looking pretty ugly.  Luckily for everyone – no pictures.  It’s a little odd that they’re molting in February, but hopefully it won’t be get super super cold and they’ll be fine.

I also got some cool thrifty things recently that I will hopefully share soon as well!


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