Cute Overload!

I’ve been doing a lot of crocheting lately.  After making the broomstick cowl I knew I wanted to do more.  It’s such an interesting stitch.  So I made a couple of cuffs for myself, and after I do a couple more for practise, I will probably stock some in the shop.

blog2012.02.02 ph05I used some really soft grey/white baby yarn for this one.  I made it 12 stitches wide with each broomstick stitch 3 stitches wide.  I used some plastic grey buttons that matched.

blog2012.02.02 ph01For this cuff my yarn was Bernat’s Mosaic, and it was more chunky.  I still did 12 stitches across, but this time did 4 stitches per broomstick.  The changing colours only managed to do one of the colours with a wee bit of the orange.  But if I started right at the start of a colour change I bet I can make the cuff in only one colour.  I was hoping for a multicolour cuff, but should have used aquick change varigated yarn instead.

The next few that I make will be shorter, probably closer to 6 inches or 6.25 inches long as they stretch quite a bit with wear.  The grey one is not at all tight anymore, and is kindof too loose now.  I’ll give it a bit of a soak to see if I can tighten it up again.  Otherwise I’ll have to pass it on to someone with thicker wrists than me.

blog2012.02.02 ph03That’s a seed in his mouf!

blog2012.02.02 ph04I ❤ chickadees so much!

blog2012.02.02 ph06Heehee, bribing the new baby ponies with horsey nomnoms.  This one is a male, he’s got a darker face that the other brown baby pony.  I saw them peeing a couple of weeks ago, so that’s how I sexed him (as his boy parts were hiding and I wasn’t about to start crawling on my knees in the corral).  They’re still quite shy, but if you have a bucket of nomnoms they’ll come over and you can sneak a pet or two.

blog2012.02.02 ph07This is the filly.  Isn’t she super cute?  She’s the shyest of the three and I’ve only managed to pet her twice.

blog2012.02.02 ph09This little guy has been named Thunder.  He’s very handsome.

blog2012.02.02 ph08Who’s a handsome Wallace?


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