I’m Thinking…..I’m Thinking…..

I was thinking of hallowe’en costumes for the kids when I casually mentioned that I had a pattern to make a crocheted brain hat. Well. My DH leaped on that. So I found the photo, and he eagerly requested I make HIM one, but not in pink. Brains aren’t pink according to him (4 years of university learnin’ and all). So grey it was.  And I knew I had the perfect grey thrifted yarn – kinda fuzzy and tons of little balls that I wanted to use up. Also I knew I had a gigantic ball of new grey yarn – so with materials at hand I got started. I’m still not done (Christmas and all), but I’m almost half way done the brain ridges.

blog2012.01.03 ph01

Using thrifted yarn FTW


blog2012.01.03 ph02

DH calls it his Thinking Cap

I just have the back halves to finish and a row on the front.  I’m thinking that it’s going to be a VERY warm hat. 🙂 All the better to protect your brain from the harsh Saskatchewan winters.

I thought I’d rather a couple of photo’s of Frank and our elkhounds so that you can get an idea of how they’re similiar and different.  I think Frank is so adorable. I love his muzzle.  He has great elkhound features combined with the colouring and underbite of a pug.  His eyes don’t protrude usually, only when he’s giving you the “baby eyes” really.

blog2012.01.03 ph04

with their thick fur they love winter

  He doesn’t seem to have any breathing issues (longer muzzle) that I’ve heard plague pugs.  I am assuming his mother was the pug as I can’t even imagine a male pug being able to breed with a female elkhound. Poor poor pug-mama.

That’s Conan in the back, Asha in the middle, and Frank-the-Tank in the front.  He loves being on the farm and has adopted us as much as we’ve adopted him. 🙂

blog2012.01.03 ph03

nomnom eggs!

This is a good photo to see the size difference.  They are all full grown. Conan and Asha are purebreed Elkhound (Elghund) and Frank is half Elkhound and half Pug.

Curly tails, thick shoulder fur, furry hocks.  The spring shed is going to be crazy!




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One Response to I’m Thinking…..I’m Thinking…..

  1. molly says:

    you might have to learn how to spin… 🙂


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