Sewing Madness!!

*Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!*

blog2011.12.28 photo01

Singer Esteem II

I’m so happy to have gotten a long coveted item for Christmas.  My DH gifted me with a sewing machine!! YAY!!  So as expected I’ve been sewing almost non-stop since the 27th.  I started off making myself a top out of thrifted scarves. Which of course involved finding and going through my collection of thrifted scarves.  I know I still have some hiding around here, but I found a top that interested me and used 2 scarves out of the book 99 Ways to Cut, Sew, Tie & Rock Your Scarf, #99 actually – the Irina top.   It came out a little different than the photo, but I still like it.  It’s different, that’s for sure.  It’s comfortable, but I’ll have to wear it with a top underneath as it’s a little indecent otherwise. Next up out of that book is one of the dresses, the Anita boxers (yup!), and a few handbags to use up the huge amount of smaller scarves.

blog2011.12.30 photo07

The Irina Top

blog2011.12.30 photo06

Side View

blog2011.12.30 photo08

Close Up

I used a decorative stitch for the top-stitching parts so that any wiggly lines wouldn’t be so noticable. Smart eh? lol




Next project was a pretty ambitious one.  Simple in design and simple to put together really. Just time consuming. And for me – who likes to get things done fast or they end up laying around as WIP mocking me – it was a big commitment.  But I have wanted to make a scrappy skirt (and other projects) for a looooong time. And now I had the means with out the tedious handsewing. So I dived in. Results? FANTASTIC!

blog2011.12.30 photo02

Rhiannon and her Skrappy Skirt - taDah!

And best of all, Rhiannon loves it. 😀

I used up 3 spools of thrifted thread (yay!), and I only used thrifted fabric.  I’ve gotten the colour-coordinated packs at Mennonite Clothes Closet in Saskatoon, and I love them.  I wish I could go get more on a whim. *sigh*

She’s also wearing the hand-pieced Hex Scarf that I made her about a year or so ago.  My old co-workers will remember me working on this during lunch. 🙂

I tried to not make it so Pink.  I found some bright yellow, red and some aqua’s and a blue and added that in to break up the abundance of pink fabrics.  The waist band is also patchwork and is just elastic inside. I stuck to the K.I.S.S. principal.  No lace on the hem, just folded under a bit and sewn down with a decorative stitch, my trick to hide any potential wiggliness. 😉

I used about 85 5 inch squares, and sewed with a 1/2 inch seam, so the squares come out to 4 inches.  6 tiers, each 1.5 times the size of the one above.  It’s a simple design. blog2011.12.30 photo01

I would say that the pinning of the different layers together would be the only really tricky part.

blog2011.12.30 photo04

pinning the tiers together to create the ruffles

I would start by pinning opposite sides together in the center, and then pinning each half, quarter, etc in the middle to keep it evenly attached.  I would only pin through the seams so that the ruffles would happen in the single layers of fabric between the seams.  I didn’t want my machine trying to sew a fold of 6 or 8 layers of fabric rather than the 3 of doing a ruffle in the single layer. Breaking my machine in the first week was not my idea of awesome. lol

blog2011.12.30 photo03

sewing on the elastic casing while chanting 'please don't break'

I’m pretty happy with the experience.  I’m keeping an eye out for orange fabrics to use in a Skrappy Skirt for myself, and also going through my tie collection and knowing that the day I will own a Tie Skirt is closer than ever before. 😀

I hope Rhiannon doesn’t get teased at school. Lately she has been opening up to me while I paint her nails about how the girls in her class bug her about various things.  I let her know I went though it too, and that lots of people do.  I’m encouraging her not to take the jibes or rude questions personally.  I point out how different Lady Gaga is, and yet she’s LOVED by the same people who are bugging her for wearing a long tshirt and leggings. Or having her mom spend time painting her nails rather than giving her decals and telling her to go do it herself. Or having her hair in a ponytail or braid. Or being small. Or whatever else.  It’s pretty ridiculas, but that doesn’t stop it from bothering her. I point out that she came from Saskatoon, a bigger city with different styles. I point out that we spend time together when we do her nails or hair.  And I point out that she’s small, and she can’t help that. Bullying. ugh. Girls. ugh.

On that note… :/  Sewing is awesome and I’m super happy to have a working machine.  Now to get bak to my crohet projects and beading.  I lowered the prices in my shop due to a recalculation which means I pay myself less but hopefully generates more sales. So I still win. 🙂  I’ll be starting a fundraising campaign in 2012 as well.  I’m making some earrings and pendants, and part of the sales will be donating to a wonderful local charity. More details soon!  Also Christmas! I have a few photo’s to share of my gifts being received, so I will share those soon as well. 🙂 2012 looks like it will be busy! See you soon!

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One Response to Sewing Madness!!

  1. Tanit-Isis says:

    I had tried to comment the other day but it didn’t post and I was too distracted to fix it. So here goes—

    YAY! So glad you’re having fun with your new toy! Nan’s skirt looks great, and I’m glad she likes it. You whipped that up really quickly, for piecing and gathering!

    That sucks that Nan’s having a rough time at school (been there, done that). Hopefully you can assure her that it will pass, eventually. Kids can be so bloody awful. 😛


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