decisions, decisions!

I need some help figuring out which button set to use for the Broomstick  Lace Cowl, which is going to be Christmas gift for a middle-aged woman…

blog2011.11.30 photo04

Option 1: Leather Buttons

blog2011.11.30 photo01

Option 2: Stars in Gold tone

blog2011.11.30 photo02

Option 3: Zodiac Bronze tone

blog2011.11.30 photo03

Option 4: Silvertone


I’m leaning towards the Zodiac ones….

Please put your pick in the comments!!

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7 Responses to decisions, decisions!

  1. Yvonne says:

    Zodiac! Definitely.


  2. Tanit-Isis says:

    Yeah, I’m cool with the zodiac 🙂


  3. molly says:

    i wholeheartedly agree – and i’m a middle-aged woman! (or at least, i used to be…) cheers, molly


  4. Sue Zimmer says:

    My personal preference is the leather covered buttons. Classy and understated but the mismatch gives it a current, casual flair. I love it, is it an easy pattern? I have been trying to crochet a scarf for the very first time. I’m not very good at it so far. LOL


  5. Sue Zimmer says:

    Disregard my question, on closer inspection I can tell it’s not easy.


  6. It’s actually quite easy. It’s Broomstick Lace. One row is putting loops on a “broomstick” (dowel in my case), and then one row back doing crochet stitches (singles in this case) back along it.

    I really like the effect and will be making a more earthy toned one for myself.

    And the bonus is it’s fast.


  7. I will go with Zodiac! I’ll sew them on today and share photo’s of the FO. 🙂 Thanks guys!!


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