where have I been?

whew! It’s been a busy November. I worked hard to prep for the Rotary Sale, and it was a success.  I made several sales, lots of contacts, and some custom orders.  I learned a few things about being at a show. How tiring it is, how to talk to potential customers and people just browsing, and displaying my items.  I will need more than one table next time!

blog2011.11.23 photo05

Fairly crowded – I thinned it out after a couple of hours to make less overwhelming.I used my newest business card as a holder for the earrings.

blog2011.11.23 photo03

The snowflakes are now at the SaskMade Marketplace 🙂

I hope my next sale will be more successful, and that I’ll learn a ton.  I even got presented with a bone bead bracelet from another vendor.  The elastic was all stretched out, so it was unsellable.  But I can make something awesome with it.  That really lifted my spirits alot.  I also have to give a shoutout to Carol-Lynne from SunsparkSoap, who was a source of encouragement and camaraderie! Thanks chickie!

Also another huge thank you to my granma-in-law, who hung out with me for most of the two days, was my host for the two days, and helped me setup and take down. I couldn’t have done it without you Gma! *hugs*

So I totally had to decompress after the sale.  So I focused on a scarf that I promised my MIL.  I used one ball of Bernat Mosaic in the Aura colourway.  The pattern is Beatrice’s Scarf by Robyn Chachula found in the Interweave Crochet Accessories Special Issue 2010.

blog2011.11.23 photo08

this is what one ball of yarn will get you. 🙂 You need about 1.5 balls to do the complete pattern though.

blog2011.11.23 photo07It’s pretty gorgeous!  I hope my MIL really likes it and wears it to work.  🙂

blog2011.11.23 photo06

modeling it. Wrapped twice around my neck and secured with a vintage owl rhinestone brooch.

Last week I was also kept super busy making a birthday present for my daughter’s classmate.  I crocheted her armwarmers and gave her a pink lariet necklace.  I’ll share photo’s of that in a later post as 1) there are quite a few photos and 2) I think that since I changed up a very simple template pattern I’ll give a bit of a tutorial and maybe even write out the pattern!

On the heels of that birthday party was my own daughters! Unfortunately I didn’t make her anything specific as a present.  I’ve got a sweater in the works that I’m already hard pressed to get done by Christmas.  So Calico Critters and My Little Pony it is.

This is her at Eleven!

Blowing out her candles (and hopefully not having any boyfriends).

blog2011.11.23 photo01

a lucky millenium dragon for a beautiful little girl!

And this is her at 2 months old!  She was very tiny when she was born, and hasn’t even chubbed up yet at 2 months. At 4 months she was still smaller than a large newborn!  I was  lucky that she was perfectly healthy, just tiny. 🙂

And yes – that’s a doll dress on her!


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One Response to where have I been?

  1. Tanit-Isis says:

    Wow, I had forgotten that Nan is so close in age to Tyo! Eleven seems really, really big. Glad you had fun at the sales—hope the future ones go even better! (And that scarf is absolutely gorgeous.)


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