Cutie Farm Animals

A beautiful morning, the sun is rising later and soon the kids will be catching the bus in the dark.

blog2011.11.08 photo01

blog2011.11.08 photo03

A new addition to my morning routine…. having to smash the ice in the horse’s well-fed trough.  I also have to put in a bit of boiling water to melt it. And it isn’t even that cold out yet.  I’m wondering how difficult this is going to get when it’s -25C to -30C consistantly.

blog2011.11.08 photo05

pony snuffles!

Today my animals were especially cute and adorables.  Relic likes the kitties, and gave Jack pony sniffs this sfternoon.  And you’d think that could be the end of the cuteness? As cute as it gets?  oh no. It get’s cuter!

blog2011.11.08 photo04

Chocolatescotch was scratching her neck on the fence, and I happened to snap this photo when her tongue was sticking out!! lol 😀

blog2011.11.08 photo08

three cuties!

Relic stood there while I snapped photo’s of him, I think he likes the attention. 🙂

blog2011.11.08 photo07I love this photo!

blog2011.11.08 photo10

I think they see me!!

blog2011.11.08 photo11

they're jealous of the ponies I think.



And the hens even got in the cutie action! As soon as they saw me they start piling up along the fence. 🙂

I’ve got a sale this weekend, and I hope to update either at the show, or in the evening.  Here’s a sneak peek at some earrings I finished today.

blog2011.11.08 photo02


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