furry ponies!

It’s November and we still don’t have snow.  A little unusual, but will probably be fixed tonight or tomorrow.  I’ve heard from a little birdie that it snowed in Calgary – and we usually get weather from ALberta the next day or two after.  It’s very brown and grey outside.  I’m liking the mild weather, it’s letting us get wood easily still from the surround ing brush.

blog2011.11.04 photo05

afternoon, looking over the "lake".

The ponies have been staying in their larger pen, due to the barbwire fencing we did a few weeks ago.  No more run away ponies.

blog2011.11.04 photo04


They don’t get as much daily attention as they did right beside the house (in their old pen), so I make a point to visit them at least once a day.

They now come walking over, sometimes running. 🙂

blog2011.11.04 photo02

a running Chocolatescotch!

They came right up to my snuffing my chest and pockets.  So I gave them a bit of oats, as I’m sure that’s what they were looking for rather than pets and scratches. 😉  Super cute ponies!

Relic is starting to remind me of Conan, following me with his nose at my elbow. He makes a rather large “dog” following me around. lol

blog2011.11.04 photo03

Relic snuffing me. I'm always a little nervous he'll nip me, he's got big teeth.



They’ve gotten so chubby and furry.  Their hair is so long, it makes them super soft and cuddly-looking.

My chickens are doing pretty good as well.  They look healthy, and a bit chubby.  They need the feathers and chubb to bet through the winter I suspect.  We have to get the heater installed yet, which will hopefully be done this weekend or early in the week.

blog2011.11.04 01

It's so little!

I found my first fart egg! LOL They’re also called wind eggs.

I cracked it and it only had a wee bit of gelled white with a tiny spot of yellow.


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