Steampunk – finally

I love steampunk.  I ::LOVE:: steampunk!  And I’ve been wanting to create jewelry in this style for quite a while.  I have a collection of old keys, one skeleton key was my house key in Grade 9 believe it or not, but I’ve been relucant to use them for some reason.  I hang on to things, and I like how they look in the vintage green apothacary jar (which I should photograph for you!).  However, I found new keys and cute keyhole plates at Michael’s a weekend ago, and I have no relucantance in using them!

blog2011.10.24 photo02

It’s made with four chains consisting of many thrifted and new chain lengths pieced together.  Interspersed is; a heart, star, key, bird, rhinestones, cross, gear charms.  A rhinestone station and keyplate are the featured focal points of the necklace.  Not pictured is the neat closure: a key and lock toggle.

blog2011.10.24 photo04

ah stash, how I ❤ thee

The process to make these types of necklaces is time consuming.  First finding the componants, placing them, and then connecting them.  I love the huge links I scattered throughout the piece, they do remind me of chains used for hanging lamps, but these ones wereone of the few new components.  Using thrifted bits and bobs makes this necklace, and others like it, absolutely unique.  It also brings the price point down.  Can you imagine purchasing 10 or so different types of chain? yikes.

blog2011.10.24 photo03


blog2011.10.24 photo01

I’ll be doing a more copper/brass toned one soon, and probably another silvertone as well.  🙂

I have 3 more keyplates/keys to use!!

<img class="size-medium wp-image-832" title="

me wearing the necklace! The shortest length is 19 inches and the longest is 24 inches.


On to non-jewelry related crafts…crocheting.

This tutorial, Vintage Button Mushrooms, makes one of the most adorable things I’ve seen.  And Resurrection Fern is such a lovely blog, beautiful photographs. But beware she doesn’t do a “read more” cut so it takes a while to load.

Making these is really not that hard!  I used an earring top, size 30 or 40 thrifted crochet cotton and a 0.85mm hook for this little guy.

blog2011.10.24 photo07

M is for Mushroom


blog2011.10.24 photo08

I’ve got a few (hahaha) more buttons that I will be making into little mushrooms.  Should I list them in the shop?

oh, and notice my url? awesome.

😀 :* 😀

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One Response to Steampunk – finally

  1. Deb says:

    ::LOVE:: the steampunk….
    really want the silver but will wait to see the copper first…decisions, decisions…

    Liked by 1 person

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