Gold & Pearls

I’ve been working with my button stash for most of the week.  I’ve made three charm bracelets, with buttons being the charms.  They are quite lovely, but for some reason I am having such a hard time photographing them.  I want to share their lovelyness with you, and get them posted in to the shop – but I can’t. grrrr >.<  Very frustrating.

webcam FTW

I also had some fun making Christmas tree ornaments/ pendants last night. They’re not to hard at all.  It took me about 20 minutes, after I washed and dried the buttons.  I was pointed towards this link by loyal reader Molly. Credit goes to Modern Minerals.

I was thinking of doing a photo tutorial on how I made it.  I took a slightly different approach than MM did.  I used wire rather than cord, which is easier to work for me to work with.

blog2011.10.21 photo05I took up painting last night. Painting with chain and pearls to be precise. 🙂  It’s an interesting and intense process.  First I go through my chain stash, thrifted and new, choosing a tone that I want to work with.  I pick out the different chains that appeal to me and start laying them out on the beadboard. Weights of chain and how the dangles will lay all play into placement decisions.  I also go through my thrifted jewelry/bits-and-bobs stash, picking out pendants and elements that fit with the chains and start to make up a design.  In this case it was pearls.  I found a strand of hand-knotted faux pearls that just needed new colettes.  A few sweet pearl pendants, MOP circular element, and a braided pearl chain all found a position.  Now the trick is to connect them all, deciding on the lengths and cutting the chain to fit.

But the end result is worth it. blog2011.10.21 photo01

Everything except the clasp is thrifted.  The pearl rope is 24.5 inches long and the shortest chain strand is approximately 19 inches.  I hope to get some photos of me wearing it so you’ll have a better idea of how it will lay.  Then it will be posted into the shop!

blog2011.10.21 photo03


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