Wordless Wednesday OVERLOAD!


Escapee Pony 2








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2 Responses to Wordless Wednesday OVERLOAD!

  1. Sue Zimmer says:

    I see you love your critters like I do! We can’t wait until we can get a couple of horses and laying hens. Our new place doesn’t have any outbuildings though so probably no additions to our critter family for at least a year. Five more sleeps until I’m in my new place!


  2. That’s so exciting Sue! Right in time for a country christmas. 🙂 We still have lots of repairs and upgrades to do, so hopefully next year we’ll get a few turkeys, a goat or two, and on the economic side of things hopefully a few sheep or steers. We haven’t decided what direction we’ll go yet, but probably we’ll do steers as we’d have to re-fence the entire pasture(s) and that page wire is expensive. You can run more sheep and goats than steers, so more profit that way, and there may be a growing market for goat meat as it’s not super available out here.

    Chickens are pretty awesome. Mine follow me around in their coop yard like little cultists. I want some different ones, and perhaps a rooster for a little while to make some babies. They get a personality the more time you spend with them. I ❤ my chickens!


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