Crochet WIP Update

I always, always, always have several crochet projects on the go.  It’s just how I work. I guess it could be ADD, but I just love making things and can’t limit myself to only one thing.  I’m making better progress at Getting Stuff Done though. 🙂

blog2011.10.18 photo02a

I’ve got a few more projects I will be starting soon.  MIL wants a scarf, bun-in-the-oven (not mine) is gonna get booties, and I have some fantastic Hello Kitty patterns that I HAVE to make.  Not counting the crochet appliques that I want to do. I can’t stop!



Today started with Relic, the escapee pony.  He apparently likes the grass on the other side of the fence. Ugh.  Luckily wire jewelry skills transfer over to wire fence repair.  🙂  The chickens are doing okay.  We will be getting a brooding light from my FIL, so that’ll keep em warm for the next 4 months or so of cold weather. Yay Canadian winters!  I read those blogs where they are putting in an autumn garden and am perplexed.  How can anything grow in frozen ground?  Then I become perplexed about why the heck I’m living where the ground does get frozen! haha! 😉  I ❤ where I am, so I guess I’ll live with the fact that we just get one short growing season.  We get a lot of space, water, and freedom.  I can give up an extra growing season for that. I’d like to share the -40 celcius wind chill though (same thing in farenheit).

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