I <3 Wallace

my baby kitten is all grown up. He's also known as Littlest Puppy around here becuz he thinks he's one of the dogs - one that uses a catbox and eats catfood (for the most part).


I listed some more earrings into the shop today. 🙂 I’ve got my camera half working again, but I couldn’t resist taking and sharing this webcam photo of Wallace coming for snuggles.  He’s been going off on tom-cat adventures lately, but has been home for almost 2 weeks. I always worry when he’s gone, and super happy when he’s home.

Tomorrow – more earrings!  Also, I may play with my buttons, or I may just neaten up my studio.  I’ve had another sale today! woohoo!! Very exciting for me. Remember I can do custom orders and take requests and ideas for jewelry you’d like to see.

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