Michael's Art & Crafts store opened in my community and I went to celebrate! Got quite the haul (using a 20% off everything coupon - passing the thriftyness down to you of course!)


My camera is broken at the moment, so my posts may have these lovely webcam photo’s for the next while. 🙂

I have done a small shop update yesterday.  I have quite a bit of new products and projects to share with you. I’ve been MIA on the blog due to a few reasons/excuses, but mainly due to depression.  It’s hard to blog for me when I’m feeling sad as that’s the last thing I want to post about or have that unintentional tone to my blog. I want to be happy. Shiny. Full of colour. Sparkly. But sometimes I’m grey. Dark. Gloomy. Sad.  I’ve been working hard on focusing on good things for the last week or so, and now I’ve succeeded in posting to my blog. yay!

Let’s be sparkly! I’ve focused on working with my crystals. And that’s a lot of fun.  I’ve made quite a few pairs of earrings!  Some simple, and some very fancy.  I’ll be making some necklaces soon, focusing on simple designs, but also doing some netting.  You’ll see some more crystals in the photo – which will make their way into some pieces!

I’ll be at a craft show in November, so I’m focusing on christmassy piece for that, but I will stock a few pieces as I can into my shop.  But I’ll be putting them on hold and taking them to the show – so if you see them in the shop – I suggest you buy them as they may not reappear. *fingers crossed*

Thanks for hanging in here with me! Soon I have to share all the crocheting and knooking I’ve been up to.  As a side note, the ponies are happy in their larger pen, the chickens still follow me around like little cultists, the dogs are adoring, and the kitties are killing a mouse or three a day. oxo

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