TGI September?

Fall is here for sure. brrrrr  My honey cleaned out the chimney (chim chim chiminey) and started the first fire of this season.  We’re awful glad there are no squirrels or birds nests to clear out, just a lot (A LOT) of soot and ashes from years of build up.  The vegetables have all been harvested, the plums almost all picked, and the potatoes half dug up.I’ve processed and canned what I could of the chokecherries and plums, and froze the rest for later canning.  Now it’s hunting season(s), and that’s my honey’s job. Prairie Chicken, deer, geese, a moose – all on the to do list.

blog2011.09.19 photo01

*whew* we’re all worn out around here…some more than others. 🙂

Sparkle & Doom Designs made it’s first online sale this weekend! Yay!  A slow start, but a start none-the-less.  The purchase is mailed off today, and I can only hope that Christmas season sees more interest. 😀 I’m very happy at this small success.

blog2011.09.19 photo10

Finished Rhiannon’s toque! ❤ Hello Kitty

blog2011.09.19 photo12

so easy!

On the crochet/ knitting front:

  • I’m almost done the Sock Monkey Waterbottle Holder that’s for my daughter.
  • Just have to embroider details on the toque for her as well. DONE!
  • My crochet-a-long is almost at a stand still.  I have run out of yellow yarn, so I can’t go past round 3.  Perhaps next weekend I’ll make it to town and score some thrifted yarn (ideal), or just suck it up and buy 2-3 balls so that I have variety.
  • Making some more thread motif earrings with vintage thread.  Using a size 13 steel hook may lead to my early blindness however. >.<
  • Sky Scarf: no progress.  Knitting makes me angry when it doesn’t go well, so I’ve been avoiding it until I have a clear head and alone time.
  • The Knook!  I got one a while ago, and finally tried it last night. It’s AWESOME. So I’ll be doing my sky scarf on the knook as soon as I figure out how to “carry” the yarn.  I made myself a little cuff as practise. It still took me 3 hours, but it’s a start!
<img class=”size-medium wp-image-765″ title=”
Just have to do the face, ears and trim on the strap.
blog2011.09.19 photo06

future earrings!

On the beading front:

  • Have 3 gorgeous crystal earrings completed!
  • Have so many feathers to wash.
  • More soup made, and more on the way.
  • Making up Button Lots for the shop.
  • Ideas for fringe necklaces/earrings in the works.
  • Bracelet ideas in the works as well.
blog2011.09.19 photo09

knook knitted cuff and 150 button lot

blog2011.09.19 photo05

crystal earrings!

I’ve also been watching Gossip Girl lately and taking screen shots of the great jewelry. Oh my!  The jewelry is so amazing.  One character wore a french beaded flower necklace all done in black.  Another wore a multistrand piece of all malachite stones (my favorite gemstone btw).  Vanessa (the “poor” character) wears vibrant and funky jewelry that I can make. Seriously.  So I’ve been thinking of making some Gossip Girl inspired pieces, especially when I have the exact same beads in my stash. Meant to be.  It’s my brain-turned-off-with-fashion-love show.


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2 Responses to TGI September?

  1. Sue Zimmer says:

    That toque is ADORABLE!


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