yay! we completed our mushroom tea set!

A couple of weeks ago we went a thrifting at Value Village and Salvation Army.

I found a really cool Pyrex 4 quart dish.  It’s the Golden Honeysuckle Oblong Curved Casserole dish (sans lid 😥 ), and I got it for $3!! I looked it up on Ebay and it was selling for around $25 with the lid.  So I’m pretty happy.  I also founf a Pyrex gravy boat with saucer, but I already had the boat part, so I gifted my extra. AND in more Pyrex luck I found a lime round baking dish. Super cute!  I saw some Pyrex abuse, and I pointed it out to the family – hopefully none of my Pyrex will make it into the dishwasher.

blog2011.09.15 photo02

my thrifting haul!


I found a Make It Yourself #11 to replace my damaged copy, so my set is complete again! And some cute kids craft books, and a vintage granny square magazine that has a couple of new granny squares, and pattern ideas. Also on the crafty end is some crochet cotton for cheap!  I have a huge stash of it, but I always want more colours!

My sweetie couldn’t resist the mushroom mugs.  We have the teapot and sugar/creamer set already.  I’m sure these are those “paint it yourself” dealies, so they don’t match having been painted by different people, but they are still close enough and adorables.  (However they are not microwave safe! The handle gets so so hot!!)

I also scored some super kids cards at a garage sale last Friday.  I’ll share those next week. They are BEYOND adorable! So that post will be picture heavy.

On the Sparkle & Doom docket today is crystal earrings, washing feathers, photographing new bead soup (blue/purple & blue/green), and possibly listing new stuff.  The sale is over, but have no fear, I am thinking of some other promotions I could do.  Micheals is opening soon, and I’m getting excited.  I think I’ll stock up on hex and triangle seed beads as I am sorely lacking in that area.

I’ve been obsessively following this challenge: Food Basket Challenge.  It’s taking place in my hometown and deals with an issue I’ve faced and also worked with closely when I was in Saskatoon.  I know one of the participants personally, and have had distant contact with a few others.  I am really loving the feedback and the results so far.  I’m hopeful that this will change a few people’s minds about others who live and have to function below the poverty line, struggling to eat.


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