September, the last gasp of summer.

Hello!  It’s been a busy September.  Lots of school homework and work around the farm.  Not nearly enough Sparkle & Doom time though!  So I’ve been concentrating on working on my crafts and jewelry.  I’ll be attending the Prince Albert Rotary Sale on November 12th and 13th.  I want to have a bunch of new stock for the sale, and *gasp* some Christmassy items.  I’ve got a idea for a kids craft kit of a crochet christmas tree with a baggie of sequins and beads to sew on it, creating your own ornament.  But the trees take about 1-2 hours to crochet.  I would want at least $20 for the kit to account for my time.  What do you, dear readers, think?

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crafting and hot chocolate on my studio floor

I’m trying to encourage crafting in my kids, and  sometimes it’s been hard to get them to want to do something for longer than 15 minutes!  So Sunday’s are going to be our crafting day.  Jake is working on his crocheting, and Rhiannon decided she wants to learn to sew.  So we dug out a teddy bear kit we’ve had for a while.  She spent 3 hours on it! It’s super adorable, but still has to be finished.  She’s pretty proud of it, and I’m tempting her with another sewing project to do when she’s done this one.  Pointy Kitty by Hillary Lang of Wee Wonderfuls.  I’ve been reading her blog for years.  I’ve bought her Big Footed Bunny pattern, and it’s hanging around somewhere – waiting.  I really should just get sewing someday. :/   I was working on a bracelet pattern from the new issue of Bead & Button magazine.  It’s using a cubed square stitch.  It’s pretty cool, but time consuming to do.  I hope that by the time I’m done five rows of it that I’ll be much much quicker.  It makes a nice solid “rope” that would be really nice as a plain necklace or bracelet, even for a guy (which is a niche market I’m trying to create for.)

In crochet news, I’m still working on my crochet-a-long.  I’ve run out of yellow (oh noes!!!) so I will have to buy more (oh yesssss!)  I keep eyeing up the hat/scarf in the previous issue of Crochet Today! Super cute! But true to form, I’ve started a whole new project.  To be fair to myself, I’ve had this idea for a toque percolating in my brain all summer.  And looking at various granny square patterns lately have just added to it.  Then it hit me.  I’ve wanted to make something with the Hello Kitty square pattern for as long as I’ve had it.

blog2011.09.12 photo03

I ❤ Hello Kitty

In shop news, only a couple more days until the SALE is over! 15% off selected pieces, and don’t forget the discount available from my business card!  If you’re interested in ordering a custom piece please contact me – I have a HUGE stash of beads and can likely present you with a few options.

Speaking of stashes, I’ve decided to offer Bead Soup for sale at Sparkle & Doom Designs.  Bead soups are perfect for crafters who embroider, giving them the variety of different finishes, sizes, and types of beads in small enough quantities.  Bead soup is also great to make multistrand necklaces, bracelets, and garmet fringes.  I mix in over a dozen different beads, and sometimes that number is closer to twenty.  If you had to purchase all those beads you would be spending at least $60, and have more than you could use.  If you have any ideas for colour combinations, let me know!  I’ll be doing a black/grey soup, a pink/purple soup, and a brown soup soon.  I’ve made up baggies tha are approximently 50 grams and have priced them at $5 each.  They should be in the shop later today. 🙂

Also, in one week will be our one year anniversary of owning a farm!! 😀 That went by fast.

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