Harvest Time

It’s been a very busy September, and the first week isn’t even over yet.  The weather is gorgeous, and it looks like it’ll continue. Nothing but sun in the forecast!  Perfect for harvesting the garden and local berry crops.

blog2011.09.06 photo06

Veggies from the garden. The Blue Potatoes look cool.

blog2011.09.06 photo07

we planted purple carrots and orange carrots, but I'm not sure where the yellow carrot came from. nomnom

blog2011.09.06 photo08

extracting the juice from the chokecherries. I made some jelly!

 I made some jelly on Saturday with the first round of chokecherries.  I’ve run out of canning jars, so I’ll juice the rest and then freeze it until I can finish the preserving process.  The plum trees have tons of plums.  We’ve harvested about 2 grocery bags full, and still have tons more that need to ripen.  This is the first year that we’ve been here for harvest, and also my first time canning.  No disasters yet! 🙂

The wildlife out here is crazy!  We have these caterpillars everywhere.  I watch my step when I walk outside as they are just motoring everywhere!

blog2011.09.06 photo09

Wooly Bears are everywhere!


None of these have come in to the house (to stay anyways).  We have enough critters as pets, I’m not sure I can handle another type of pet. 🙂





blog2011.09.06 photo02

I'm pretty sure Smurfs live here!

I found these HUGE mushrooms when I was berry picking.  I have yet to identify them.  I didn’t pick them, as I’m not interested in eating wild unknown mushrooms, and I think they’re pretty cool where they are.  Besides, I wouldn’t want to make any Smurfs homeless. 😀

blog2011.09.06 photo10

acrylic yarn....realizing I may not like knitting with it.

I’ve started a couple of yarn projects.  As one of my first official knit projects I decided making a Sky Scarf would be cool (and easy!)  However, I’m stumped about how to carry the yarn up the scarf when I change colours. I’ve been keeping track of what colour I’ll be doing each day, and I started it on September 1st, so I’ll be done it on August 30th 2012.  Right in time for winter 2012.

blog2011.09.06 photo05

Rainbow Afghan made from my scrap/ thrifted yarn

I also joined a crochet-along hosted by Inner Hooker.  It’s using the Sunburst Granny Square, which you can find in her post.  I’m using up as much of my scrap yarn as I can.  I’m trying to stick with size 4 weight yarn, but I’m sure some of it is slightly skinner or chunkier than that.  It’ll work out.  If it’s a wee bit wonky, well I won’t mind.  It’s going to be a living room blanket as we’re going to redecorate the living room into granny-farmy-homey chic.  I am about 1/3 done my first granny pillow covering. and am eyeing up other things to crochet to make the livingroom more granny-like. 😀

blog2011.09.06 photo04

Chaison says hullo

Well, my break is up.  I’m off to do more preserving!

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3 Responses to Harvest Time

  1. The jelly needs 2 week to “gel”. But it looks good so far! (fingers crossed)

    The crochet-along is my first. I’m behind, but I’ll be working today to catch up. I figure if I make room in my stash, my studio will be less chaotic and I’ll get other projects done too. 🙂


  2. shabby boots says:

    You have managed to squeeze everything I love into this post! The gardening (blue potatoes?!), the knitting project (I’m hopeless in that department so far), and the granny square project = fabulous. How did the jelly turn out?


  3. I know this post looks wonky….I’ve tried to fix it more than 5 times. blarg.


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