Shellbrook Street Fair = Success!

blog2011.08.29 photo01

Rhiannon sporting the most awesomest of fashion accessories EVAR! The Balloon Animal Hat!

I attended the first ever Shellbrook Street Fair, and I hope it will be an annual event.  The attendance was pretty good, and can only get better.

I had the help of my partner and kids to set up and also to keep me company all day.  It was a gorgeous day!  And we were pretty successful in sales.  There was a lot of interest, especially in my capability to do custom work. 🙂

It was a lot of fun to meet people in my community and to network with other artists.  Four  artists associated with the Parkland Tour were in the both next to me, and also information from the Honeywood Heritage Nursery, which seems to be a central point for artists in my area.  Luckily the nursery is  just down the grid road from me.

Also in exciting news:  I will be trying my hand at lampworking my own beads!!  Ron Anderson, a glassblower, has offered to let me use a torch, tools, and glass rods to learn to make my own beads!  I’ll have to do some research and watch some videos as bead making isn’t his area of interest.  I’m am so excited!! There are endless possibilities with lampworking!  I’ll be focusing on learning how to work with glass, and how to be safe and comfortable with the equipment.  Then I’ll go into adding colours and doing more fancy things.  😀

blog2011.08.29 photo02

I put my earrings on the round table. The cards could stand up, but due to the wind I laid most down.

Here are some photo’s of the table set-up I had.  It needs improvement, but it worked.

blog2011.08.29 photo04

blog2011.08.29 photo03

The other side of the round table. I’ll be posting this beauties to the shop over the next week. If you see anything you want to reserve, you better let me know! 🙂

This week I’ll be harvesting chokecherries and maybe plums.  We picked a few from the more mature tree and the plums were yummy!! Some aren’t ripe yet, so I may be only to get a few and start a couple of jars of jam. Canning for the first time evar! This should be an adventure.

Now you can find me on Pinterest!

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