Thriftygirl brings Pyrex Love!

Thriftygirl has come to visit this week!  And she brought presents!!!

blog2011.08.18 photo003

vintage pyrex!



blog2011.08.18 photo007

Butterprint 504!

*I will add more photo’s and edit this tomorrow when my internet is more reliable*

My style (and skill level) with photography is pretty much point-and-shoot, so having Thriftygirl here meant some actual professional style photography. 🙂

blog2011.08.18 photo005

a lidless 474-B. I ❤ the orange colour!!

My pyrex collection is slowly growing.  I’ve got mostly orange and brown pieces, which I like a lot.  But I’m not willing to bypass all the lovely turquiose, pink, green, and multicoloured pieces to focus on matching my collection.  The large Butterprint fridgie is my first fridgie and first turquoise piece!! squee

blog2011.08.18 photo006

Butterfly Gold gravy boat - gifted from Molly (loyal reader & knitter & Pyrex Fairy!)

I now have three gravy boats, so I’m thinking of trying baking a coffeecake or banana loaf in them.  I love their cute little circle handles.  The sight of just that detail cheers me up inside. 🙂

blog2011.08.18 photo004

English Pyrex is so awesome! I have another piece in this pattern, so that's awesome!


Pyrex gifts aside, it’s been great to have Thriftygirl and her son here to visit for the week.  We’ve been crocheting, knitting, chatting, and generally hanging out – listening to kids play and run around.

I’ve learned to knit a cuff from Leethal’s pattern book.  I am determined to learn to knit!  I’ve been teaching Thriftygirl to crochet basic granny squares, and now she’s making really cool armwarmers. I expect to see yarnbombed bike in her future.

Folkfest tomorrow, then Shellbrook Street Fair.  😀

blog2011.08.18 photo002

I'm on the fence about this one.

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One Response to Thriftygirl brings Pyrex Love!

  1. molly says:

    and more to come!


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