New Earrings!

As I hinted earlier, I am working on some new earrings.  I love crocheting, and have been doing it ALOT lately. I’ve made crocheted earrings before, and had them listed.  These ones are less delicate than those made with the size 50 crochet thread, but just as cute.  I’ll be adding beads to the final earrings, although I think plain crocheted flowers would be cute too.

blog2011.08.088 photo001

I think the red and gold large flower looks like a cog as well. Can anyone say steampunk?

I’ll be selling these at the Fair in Shellbrook later this month, and then I’ll list in the Shop any that are left over.  If you have a particular colour you’d like to see, let me know!

I’m using my vintage embroidery floss as well, so there will be some very pretty and unusual colours.

blog2011.08.088 photo002

vintage thread, brands I haven’t really heard of

I’ll share some “after” photo’s when I get them done.


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