on the business side of things: pricing!

I visited Craft: today and found this article, How-To: Price Your Handcrafted Goods written by Lauren Venell. It was a very good read as a newbie to the business of selling my jewelry.  I was extremely undervaluing myself in the past. It was terrible.  And worse, there was and still are beaders that were undercutting me undercutting myself!

The Question and Answer in the article:

::“What if I don’t need to make a living off my crafts? I have a day job and it seems weird to charge so much for something I do for fun anyway. I just want to make enough to support my hobby.”

If you support the idea that craftspeople should be able to make a living, even if you don’t need to, then I would suggest that you sell some of your crafts at a price that would make you a living, and give the rest away for free. Though you may feel generous by offering quality goods at a low price, you are actually threatening your fellow crafters’ livelihoods by consistently undercutting them. Better to get your good karma from donating your crafts to worthy causes than by underpricing them.::

This issue was happening and still happens when I go to events like Art in the Heart, and any community events where they have vendors.  I can’t compete with a beader who will sell a netted or peyote stitch amulet bag that must have taken her 2-6 hours to make for $15.  I’m not sure what I can do, because I did point out that the beader was making it hard for me or anyone else to sell and they were happy with that. 😦

On the creative side of Sparkle & Doom, I’ve been exploring a new idea for earrings and necklace components.  It’s pretty darn cute.  Also I’ve cleaned up my studio a bunch and will be setting some time aside to make a completely One-Of-A-Kind mixed media necklace or two from my hoard of broken jewelry, thrift finds, and new beads and made components (crochet, etc).  I have also had a lot of requests for feather jewelry so I have to get on that. 🙂

I’ve also challenged myself to have a FO a day for August.  I finished a crocheted hair bow that is now a belt due to CraftFail. LOL I am hoping I can complete my challenge!

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One Response to on the business side of things: pricing!

  1. molly says:

    setting a price on our work is extremely difficult: too often we are humble (thus underpricing ourselves), and sometimes customers are way too attuned to the walmart mentality of ‘i can get it cheaper…’. these two phenomena combine to make pricing happily practically impossible! you must be reimbursed for your materials. you must be reimbursed for your time. you must also be reimbursed for your talent, your skill and your ability.
    that being said, i do like the idea from the article about selling some of your work and giving some away if you aren’t working at it for a living. that is a win-win situation, i think.
    your work is beautiful, creative and well-made (things which cannot always be said about walmart articles!) and you should be compensated properly for it.
    so there!


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