Granma’s ceramic wall plaques are teh awesome

I can’t hide it.  I love old stuff (but not older men apparently 😉 ).  I love “granny” decor! From granny squares to pyrex to canisters to wall plaques.

blog2011.08.04 photo001

hanging up on the little overhang (?) part between the kitchen and dining room

All of these were found in thrift chops.  I got the blue birds years ago, and the skunks and owls in the last year.  But of course, I NEED MORE! More birds!  They’re charming and adorable, especially the blue birds chubby tummies!

blog2011.08.04 photo002

I probably paid $3 for them both 🙂

blog2011.08.04 photo003

I love the sets

blog2011.08.04 photo004

the chip is from taking out a hook that was screwed into the bottom :/

Speaking of owl collections, I’ve added another one!

blog2011.08.04 photo005

my poor trying-to-survive plants

I went wildflower picking last night.  Aren’t they gorgeous?  Some bright yellow ones, that may have come from fallen bird seed, some lilac feathery daisyish ones, and some yellow ones shaped like columns and some Yarrow.

The Aloe plant barely visible needs to be repotted, the succulent in the aqua pot almost died and is struggling bravely.  The other stone succulent in the tiny pot (withered) is probably dead – but I’m hoping it will regrow. Faint hope probably.

blog2011.08.04 photo006

isn't he sweet?

I won him from the raffle at the Christopher Lake Art & Craft Show & Sale.  He was donated by Lucille Scott, a Metis painter.  I love his vulnerable expression.

(I hope to be posting a little more regularily. 🙂 )

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One Response to Granma’s ceramic wall plaques are teh awesome

  1. molly says:

    i’ve always had a sneaking love of those old ceramic plaques too! of course, when i was growing up they were the height of fashion! now i guess it’s just a nostalgia for the olden days!


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